Seahawks 2017 Season Schedule Has Been Released

The full schedule for the Seattle Seahawks has been released by the NFL today. Take a look at who the Hawks will face in the upcoming season!

Here are the home & away opponents for this season:

Home: Arizona, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco, Washington, Philadelphia, Houston, Indianapolis and Atlanta

Away: Arizona, Rams, San Francisco, Dallas, New York Giants, Tennessee, Jacksonville and Green Bay

WEEK 1: at Green Bay

WEEK 2: vs. San Francisco 49ers

WEEK 3: at Tennessee Titans

WEEK 4: Sunday Night Football vs. Indianapolis Colts

WEEK 5: at Los Angeles Rams


WEEK 7: at New York Giants

WEEK 8: vs. Houston Texans

WEEK 9: vs. Washington Redskins

WEEK 10: Thursday Night Football at Arizona Cardinals 

WEEK 11: Monday Night Football vs. Atlanta Falcons

WEEK 12: at San Francisco 49ers

WEEK 13: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

WEEK 14: at Jacksonville Jaguars

WEEK 15: vs. Los Angeles Rams

WEEK 16: at Dallas Cowboys

WEEK 17: vs. Arizona Cardinals

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