The most expensive vinyl records

While much of the world now contain their music collections in streaming services like iHeartRadio, the market for vinyl records seems to be growing all of the time, with some releases valued at several thousand dollars!  According to MrGamez, here are the most expensive vinyl records on the market today, based on their going rate at auctions.

1. The Sex Pistols 'God Save The Queen' = $10,578 (2500 made, while most destroyed. 9 remain with A&M sleeve)

2. The Beatles 'Please Please Me' (Parlophone first pressing) - $8,323

3. The Beatles 'Introoducing...The Beatles' (VJ Records Add Back) - $6,148.77

4. Bach/Mozart Violin Concertos (HMV Cream & Gold Dog Label First Pressing) - $6,148.77

5. Paul McCartney 'Ram' - $5,048.84

Get the rest of the list HERE

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