Pro Golfer Gets Suspended For Flipping Off Fan

The Korean Tour's leading golfer has received a whopping three-year suspension for flipping off a fan. I totally get it - I have a quick trigger finger, too. Darnit.

The lengthy suspension stems from an incident that occurred over the weekend at a tournament in Gumi, South Korea. Bio Kim, the biggest money maker on the tour, flubbed a drive when a cellphone went off during his downswing on the 16th hole, according to the Korea Herald.

Furious, the 29-year-old turned toward the crowd and gave them the finger before slamming his driver down on the ground. His fit was broadcast live on Korean television.

In addition to the three-year suspension, the Korean Professional Golfers' Association has fined Kim $8,300. In a statement announcing the penalty, the association says, "Kim damaged the dignity of a golfer with etiquette violation and inappropriate behavior."

Is three years excessive? What's the inappropriate thing you've seen a pro golfer do?

And, do you have a quick trigger finger, too? Or are you a cool cucumber?

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