The Top 10 IT Professional's Pick-Up Lines

Portrait of a smiling young man with headset sitting in front of computer, looking at camera, in modern office.

I cannot imagine my shy and extremely professional IT professional even thinking about saying stuff like this:

Before we get started, I'm gonna need the password to your HEART.

Girl, when they programmed you, they threw out the code!

Feel free to text me at night for a "reboot-y" call.

Why don't you make like Microsoft Windows and crash at my place?

The only error I see here is you not coming home with me tonight.

Damn, girl! In your case, "PDF" stands for "Pretty Damn Foxy!"

You're definitely not a password because you're unforgettable.

How about we go to my place and interface?

I know you like Yahoo. But would you consider this "hot male?"

And now, for the truly slimy dirty pick-up lines...

You know, as long as I'm gonna be under your desk anyway . . .

My pants are like an ad: you just made them pop-up!

Allow me to show you that after work . . . IT stands for "Inappropriate Touching."

How about you make like my drive and flash?

Are you a magician? Because you just made my Microsoft, hard.

Why should your home screen be the only thing that enjoys a "log in?"

Why yes, that IS a thumb drive in my pocket. But I'm also happy to see you.

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