Lee Saw Elton John's 'Rocketman'

Rocketman Australian Premiere

Hey there, it's Lee Callahan, and I got a Rocketman sneak peak last night. If you like corny musicals, this movie is for you. If you LOVE Elton John, then this movie is perfect.

As we all know, Elton is corny - and so is this musical, because Mr. John had a big say in the telling of his life. Personally, and probably because I'm a jaded deejay, I could have done without the heavy handed childhood scenes of parental neglect and fantasies of musical fame.The movie is a full two hours long, so maybe a little editing would have been wise for the beginning.

But don't worry, the film takes off when Elton starts getting gigs and a record label. And it doesn't slow down again. Taron Egerton as Elton is fabulous. Marvelous. Stunning. And he's got a set of pipes. He's a triple threat: singer, dancer, actor. He is not to be missed. His relationship with Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell) is sweetly told, and that I loved witnessing it.

Elton's decline into drug addiction is very prominent, and we can't wait for that trip to rehab. Once again, Taron rules, this time as an actor.

Go see Rocketman on the big screen, because Elton's story is bigger than life.

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