Socks for Docs! Seattle Company Helps You Donate!

From the Ground Up Socks makes the best socks I've ever put on my feet! From hiking to skiing or everyday like, they're AMAZING. While I was in the middle of training for my 5k From the Ground Up Socks launched their compression socks and it made SUCH a difference in my training. I originally had foot pain and leg pain but with the compression socks it made such a difference. Do you know who else gets foot and leg pain? Doctors and nurses! They're on their feet ALL day long. From the Ground Up Socks is helping you support healthcare workers and selling their compression socks at wholesale price! Choose the state you want to donate the socks to and they'll get donated on your behalf! Donate a case of six socks here. Donate one pair of socks here. The founder, Rami, was on my Side Hustlers podcast and he has a GREAT story on how and why he started his company. Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts!