Public Affairs - St. Francis House & Willow's Place

December already! This sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas... We're feeling thankful and generous and many of us remember our less fortunate brothers and sisters... We wanna help! But this time of the year unfortunately, is also theft season. We buy online get our packages delivered home and before we even know they are there, some Grinch comes and snatches them... But there are bigger Grinches out there... The ones who steel from those who help. We recently had on the show Smile Partners, whose van had been stolen and found, but who are still trying to recover from the other stuff they lost, and the damage done. We just had on the show another organization that has fallen victim to theft... St. Francis House in Seattle, a non-profit organization that has been helping the homeless and those in need for 51 years, got robbed recently. Thieves made out with their only van, cash box, grocery and gas tickets and other supplies. As you can imagine, they need our help to recover from such a blow. We were joined by Amy Sagerson, current Director at St. Francis House, and Kathleen McKay, former Executive Director and current board member.  We also invited Willow's Place, another important organization helping the homeless and those in need in the city of Kent. We were joined by Sally Goodgion, who's also someone very special to Pedro and Luciana and we’ll explain here... 

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