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Good dental hygiene is not just good for looks. I mean, yes, a good smile can get you far. You can make friends, get a good job, and have the most popular Instagram account in the world if you have a nice smile. 

What I really mean is a healthy smile is also good for your heart... literally! Did you know that poor oral health, for example, can affect your brain? A healthy smile can prevent respiratory infections, diabetes, pregnancy complications, infertility, and even cancer! 

Problem is, sometimes parents forget to teach this, and it's difficult to create healthy habits as you grow older. And then, dental care can be very expensive. So, as long as we keep our mouths shut, we think we can avoid seeing the dentist. 

There's an organization in Federal Way that wants to teach kids that good oral care is important. They are Smile Partners and they recently visited the show. We were joined by Alona Horner, Executive Director at Smile Partners, and Brandi Morang, one of Smile Partners' Dental Hygienist.

To help Smile Partners raise the money they need, please follow this gofundme link.

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