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Lee Callahan

Lee Callahan has been on Seattle radio forever! She's Jack's Solo Morning Show Host now after stints on The Mountain, KOMO AM, and Seattle's...Full Bio


Take The On-Line Abbreviations Quiz [ICYMI, LOL, ETC.]

Monkey Texting on Cell Phone

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Cover the right side of your screen with a piece of paper - see how many you get right. (super high-tech, I know) Don't cheat!

1. DM:  Direct message


2. JK:  Just kidding


3. BRB:  Be right back


4. TBH:  To be honest


5. IRL:  In real life


6. NSFW:  Not safe for work


7. TTYL: Talk to you later


8. NBD:  No big deal


9. IMO:  In my opinion. Or, IMHO is "in my humble opinion."


10. FTW:  For the win


11. SMH:  Shaking my head.


12. IDK:  I don't know


13. IDC:  I don't care


14. MSG:  Short for the word "message"


15. OMW:  On my way


16. G2G:  Got to go


17. TFW:  That feeling when


18. MFW:  My face when


19. ILY:  I love you


20. IMU:  I miss you  (Yes, a 'U' even though the word "you" starts with a 'Y'.)


21. ICYMI:  In case you missed it


22. SRSLY:  Short for the word "seriously"


23. TLDR:  Too long, didn't read  (Technically, there's a semi-colon in that one: TL;DR.)


24. BAE:  Before anyone else  (Bae is also just short for "baby" or "babe.")


25. SOML:  Story of my life

Your score:

1-5 wrong - A - you're trendy!

6-10 wrong - B - you're getting old!

11-15 wrong - C - you're old!

15-20 wrong - D - but you're still good looking!

21-25 wrong - F - do you still type with one finger on your phone?

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