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10 Songs You Didn't Realize Were Sexual Until You Got Older

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Thanks to a thread on Reddit, here's a list of those types of songs. Complete with comments from the posters.


1.  "Wannabe"  Spice Girls: "Zig-a-zig-ah is an orgasm, apparently."



2.  "Like a Prayer"  Madonna



3.  "Get Lucky" Daft Punk: "I thought it was about online gambling."



4.  "Macarena"  Los del Rio: "It's about a lady getting with, like, a dozen different guys while her boyfriend is off serving in the military."



5.  "Shut Up and Drive"  Rihanna: "Didn't Disney put this in one of its kids movies? I really thought it was about cars."



6.  "Candy Shop"  50 Cent: "I just thought [he] really liked sweets. Then I realized he was talking about a brothel. And the lollipop he will let them lick doesn't have sugar in it."



7.  "Physical"  Olivia Newton-John: "It seems no one bothered about the lyrics. They saw the music video and thought it was about getting into physical exercise."



8.  "Little Red Corvette"  Prince: "I remember thinking, 'It'd be better if it were about cars.'"



9.  "Cherry Pie"  Warrant: "I just thought he and the pretty girl in the video really liked pie."



10.  "Afternoon Delight"  Starland Vocal Band: "There's a scene in 'Glee' where a teacher sings this thinking it's about having dessert in the afternoon."


 (You can see more at BuzzFeed.com.)

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