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Betty White's Weird & Random Possessions Are On The Auction Block

2015 TV Land Awards - Show

Photo: Getty Images

More than 1,600 of Betty White's possessions are on the auction block from now until Sunday, and Buzzfeed made a list of some of the most trippy items. Here's a sample:

A vintage RCA TV with a remote and an antenna on top.

Vintage leather baby shoes.

A nun doll. 

Betty's board game collection. Featuring the home edition of Password, of course, which was hosted by her late husband Allen Ludden.

Moon landing memorabilia.

Betty's wedding ring.

A collection of cat jewelry.

Betty's bedroom door.

A collection of animal figurines wearing sombreros.  

Two panda watches.

But these are cool:

Betty's "Golden Girls" director's chair.

Betty's 2000 Cadillac Seville.

(You can check out the rest here.)

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