Lee Callahan has been on the air in Seattle, and nowhere else, since 1997 when she screened calls on KOMO AM for $8 an hour for 3 hours a day. Then she became a producer, for a talk radio host named Scoot. Then she went over to the Mountain in Seattle, for seven long early-morning years, and produced the morning show for John Fisher and Mike West. Oh, the stories. After she got canned at 103.7 FM, like all seasoned radio folk do, she went on-air to read the news at Progressive Talk AM 1090, and report Jacktivities at Jack! In 2016, Lee was promoted to her dream job - as the host of Jack's first morning show.

So, let's take a look back. KOMO AM is no more (It's now Northwest News Radio.) 103.7 The Mountain is no more. Progressive Talk AM 1090 is no more. Lee Callahan is a radio killer! Our fingers are still crossed here at Jack FM.

Lee lives in West Seattle with her wife, dog, and cat.




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