Rod Stewart Rocks the House During an Intimate LA Concert

Rod Stewart rocked the house tonight when he stopped by the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles for a live intimate concert. Stewart (and the world) are celebrating his 30th studio album, Blood Red Roses - a nice follow up to follows 2015's Another Country. Ellen K from Los Angeles' Feel Good radio station, KOST 103.5, hosted the event that seemed more like a lively private birthday bash! The superstar's latest album showcases 13 new songs, including singles like "Didn't I," "Look In Her Eyes," and "Grace."

Stewart is proud to admit that most of the songs from this album were recorded mostly in hotel rooms or backstage after concerts. Being that it is his 30th album, the rockstar was tired of recording in studios and wanted this album to portray a more intimate feel. 

"We never really went near a traditional recording studio which I think was great. I’ve spent too many years locked in dull studios, not wanting to be in there. I always think I make albums for a few friends, and this record has that intimacy."

Tonight's setlist included:

Look In Her Eyes

Hole In My heart

You’re In My Heart

Some Guys

Forever Young

Tonight's the Night

Maggie May


Sweet Rock and Roller


Rod Stewart Performs "Look In Her Eyes"
Rod Stewart Performs "You're In My Heart"
Rod Stewart Performs "Maggie May"

He opened up the show with the upbeat track Look in Her Eyes which had the packed room excited and dancing in their seats. 

Only Rod Stewart can come out onto the stage and blow dry his hair mid-show! Oh yes, you heard that right. The crowd was loving it!  In between songs, Rod spoke with Ellen K during which he confirmed that he is not working on a new album. He did, however, mention that performing is his job and he’s “always writing.” Pretty great coming from a guy who (jokingly) said he only intended to get into this gig for a year and a half just to buy a car and meet girls! 

A quick outfit change after a jazzy performance of Forever Young and Stewart was back grooving. He then performed a beautiful song off of his latest album titled Grace that covers the touching story of a short intense love amidst the early 20th-century Irish uprising.

"That's a great song ladies and gentlemen. It's one of the most heartbreaking songs I've ever sung. It's worth reading about. The songs called 'Grace' and it's all about the Irish uprising during the British occupancy in 1916." Rod took a moment to retell the touching story of who Grace was. 

"The rebellion failed and all 15 leaders were condemned to death. One of the leaders asked for permission to marry his wife, Grace." The couple was only married for 15 minutes before the leader was taken outside and killed. The song is named after the sweet bride who lost her husband that day. 

Take a listen to the beautiful song below! 

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