Alessia Cara to Celebrate 'The Pains of Growing' During Album Release Party

Alessia Cara knows The Pains of Growing — which is exactly what she named her brand new album. The Pains of Growing is set to be released on November 30th, but Alessia is celebrating a few days early during her exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party in Los Angeles.

The Pains of Growing is Cara's second full-length studio album, following her 2015 debut album Know-It-All. The 22-year-old's new album showcases 15 new songs, including singles like "Growing Pains" and "Trust My Lonely." 

Back in June, the singer opened up about The Pains of Growing during an exclusive interview with iHeartRadio. She explained of the LP, "I think every song is a particular type of growing pain that we may go through. It's not always bad. Nostalgia can be it's growing pain in its own way, so there's a lot of that. There's good moments of growth, but then there's also sad moments where the pain comes in and I think it's individual experiences that I felt were important enough to write about and put them in my album."

During her iHeartRadio Album Release Party, Alessia will be performing some of her new music live for the first time for all fans watching.

How To Stream The Show

Fans can tune in free for a video stream of the exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Alessia Cara on Wednesday, November 28th, at 10pm ET/7pm PT via iHeartRadio's official iHeartRadio YouTube channel.

Get pumped for Alessia Cara's exclusive iHeartRadio Album Release Party by checking out some of her The Pains of Growing songs below.

"Growing Pains"

"Trust My Lonely"

"Not Today"

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