Couple Creates Creepiest Maternity Photo Shoot Ever - And It's Hysterical

When some couples find out that they're expecting, they choose to do a maternity photo shoot. The photos, which celebrate the pregnancy and are typically shared with family and friends to announce the news, are usually tame. They often just show the happy parents-to-be embracing each other, maybe with both parents' hands holding the pregnant belly. Sometimes the shoots can be a little unique, but no one has ever done anything like Todd and Nicole Cameron

When they found out their family was growing, the Canadian couple, who loves Halloween, decided to have their maternity photo shoot in a pumpkin patch. It started off innocent enough, getting a little cheeky with Todd holding a big pumpkin in front of his belly to mirror Nicole as she holds her baby bump, but then things turned very, very creepy.  

The photographer captured what looks like Nicole going into labor, except something isn't right, as the baby seems to be coming out of her stomach. 

Suddenly, there is lots of blood and something that is definitely not a baby emerges from Nicole. 

It turns out that at a garage sale over the summer, Todd stumbled upon a chestburster creature from the film Alien, and since neither he nor Nicole wanted a traditional maternity shoot, they brought the prop along to make an incredibly memorable series of photos. 

Todd told People magazine, "I wanted people to be kind of tricked into thinking we were doing a regular, cliché maternity shoot — maybe even cheesier because of the clothes. Then we wanted to, kind of, surprise them into thinking maybe she was giving birth during the maternity shoot." He added, "We wanted to have them not only surprised by the alien coming out of her stomach, but also the switch from horror to comedy when I chased after it and we cuddle it. I wanted to have an element of horror and an element of comedy."

Todd captioned the photos, "Well, you won’t believe what happened yesterday DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!! Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition! Special thanks to Li Carter for her once-in-a-lifetime pictures and McNab’s Corn Maze for the location/birth place!"

He said to People, "This alien was kind of like the baby's first Halloween costume! I'm hoping [the baby] will be a fellow lover of Halloween. We're just hoping this one’s human!"

While the photos are great, Todd admitted to not knowing where he might hang them. 

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