VIDEO: Suspect Arrested After Falling Through Roof

posted by Shawn Garrett -

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada - Security cameras caught the moment a suspected thief fell through the ceiling, attempting to escape. Monday afternoon at the Reddi-Mart west of Edmonton, the police were called after two people were suspected of using stolen credit cards.

After the police arrived, the pair attempted to escape. The man shoved the woman into the responding officer, but was stopped by the store's owner. The man ran to the back and tried the back door, but it was locked. After trying to run out the front door, he was eventually tazed. While the officer was attempting to arrest him, the woman ran to the back and climbed a shelf. She tried to crawl out via the ceiling, but fell through and landed hard in the coffee section. 

More officers arrived and arrested Brittany Burke, 29, and Richard Pariseau, 28, at the scene. Pariseau faces 11 charges, including resisting arrest and using a stolen credit card. 

The full security camera footage is at



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