Docs: Indy convict shoots and kills man during fight over stolen money

INDIANAPOLIS — Less than 72 hours after a man was shot dead on the sidewalk outside his apartment, IMPDarrested the man who they believe pulled the trigger.

Milton Porter, 24, was arrested in the murder of Calvin Lawson Jr. at the Parkway Terrace apartments in the 4500 block of E. Washington Street.

According to court documents, Porter showed up to Lawson's apartment and asked him to come out and fight. Witnesses told police that the two were arguing because Porter stole money from Lawson. The money was estimated to be less than $100, according to a witness.

When Lawson walked outside and prepared to fight Porter, police say Porter shot him once in the neck. Witnesses told police that Porter went to shoot Lawson again but left when Lawson's girlfriend came outside.

One witness told police they saw Porter pick up the shell casing before leaving the scene.

Lawson Jr. was taken to an area hospital and died less than two hours later.

Numerous witnesses picked Porter out of a lineup as the shooter, according to court filings.

“The police department can’t solve a lot of these cases without the help of the community," said IMPD Public Information Officer William Young. "They stepped up and they were able to provide that information that we need whenever we have a complex investigation such as a homicide."

IMPD Violent Crimes unit arrested Porter on Monday. He denied any involvement in the killing, according to court filings.

Community leaders say the killing reflects a troubling trend they've seen of people using violence to solve their problems.

"Please stop trying to set all your conflicts using violence," said Rev. Charles Harrison with the Indy Ten Point Coalition. "It’s not worth your life and it’s not worth the life of the person that you are in dispute with."

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Court and prison records show Porter is no stranger to the justice system. He took a plea deal and served time in prison for an armed robbery. Records show he violated his probation and was sent back to prison.

He was released in January of this year.

Rev. Harrison said there are plenty of resources out there for people recently released from prison.

"There are people out here who really care and they’re really working hard to give individuals a second chance," Rev. Harrison said.

Porter is scheduled to be in court on Thursday, per jail records. The Marion County Prosecutor's Office has not filed formal criminal charges.

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