Top 5 Titles for Movie About A Cat That Was Accidentally Returned to Amazon

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A Utah family accidently mailed their cat to California after it snuck into an Amazon return box. The cat is fine, even after 6 days in the box. Returned to it's owners, and may never hop in a box again.

How's this cat's story not already in theaters? 

The Top Titles for a Movie About the Cat That Was Accidentally Mailed to


"Claw Deal".


"Apocalypse Meow".


"That Gone Cat".


"The Secret Flight of Pets".


"A Farewell to Yarns".


"Mad Max: Furry Load."


"Hiss'n Impossible". 


"Gone Tabby Gone".


"Scratch Me If You Can".


"The Journey of Catty Gan". (You're welcome, Gen X!)




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