Unexpected Spot Named Washington's Best 'Hidden Gem' Destination

A path in the fairy green forest. The forest along the trail is filled with old temperate trees covered in green and brown mosses.

Photo: RomanKhomlyak / iStock / Getty Images

Between the high-profile attractions and Instagram-worthy locales are fascinating tourist spots waiting to be discovered. These spots fly under the radar or are often overlooked for more popular destinations nearby, but this may be beneficial. Fewer crowds mean more time and peace to truly immerse yourself in these unique experiences, from charming stores and out-of-the-ordinary landmarks to tranquil outdoor getaways and other amazing places.

If you're interested in visiting these thrilling locations, Reader's Digest has you covered. The website updated its list of every state's "best hidden gem" destination.

"One Square Inch of Silence" was declared Washington State's top pick! Tucked away in the stunning Hoh Rain Forest of the Olympic National Park, this project highlights the importance of "natural silence." Writers detailed what you can look forward to at this neat spot:

"One Square Inch of Silence is the quietest place on earth. The mossy area was designated on Earth Day 2005 to protect the space from harsh human noise and, instead, highlight the sounds of nature. The area is part of Olympic National Park, which is open 24 hours a day year-round, although some roads, campgrounds and facilities are open only seasonally."

Want more travel recommendations? You can check out the full rundown on rd.com.

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