Iconic Destination Named The Best Vacation Spot In Colorado

Scenic view of flowering plants on field against sky,Rocky Mountain National Park,Colorado,United States,USA

Photo: Ron Kuykendall / 500px / 500px / Getty Images

Picking a travel destination depends on what you're looking for. Scenic getaways, nature retreats, sprawling theme parks, and charming towns are just some of the many options for tourists craving a fulfilling trip. Then there are just some destinations that manage to tick all the boxes for a perfect vacation. These exciting locations manage to attract all kinds of travelers and keep locals entertained all year round.

If you're interested in those locales, Explore revealed every state's top vacation spot. According to their roundup, Rocky Mountain National Park is the best place to visit in Colorado!

This renowned national park is the pride and joy of the Centennial State. Millions of Americans flock to this massive area every year to scale alpine terrain, hike on scenic trails, and experience all sorts of environments. Writers detailed what makes this national park a wonderful travel option:

"Say ‘Colorado’ to just about anyone in the world, and only one thing will come to mind: the Rockies. This 415-square-mile national park is full of unbelievable mountains, meadows, lakes, and forests. Visitors can hike along Trail Ridge Road, the highest paved road in the U.S. National Park System, or along popular trails like Alpine Ridge, Gem Lake, and Bear Lake. Visitors can also enjoy numerous waterfalls like Alberta Falls or Chasm Falls, or head to Moraine Park to see herds of elk."

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