Washington Restaurant Named The Best Sushi Joint In The State

Eating Sushi with chopsticks in Japanese restaurant.

Photo: Artur Debat / Moment / Getty Images

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes to come out of Japan. Requiring amazing knife skills and preparation, many people appreciate the craft that goes into making a delicious roll, no matter where you get it from. Beyond that, people enjoy the perfect combination of rice, seaweed, and several raw ingredients in one bite.

If you're looking for some top-notch sushi, 24/7 Tempo has a list of the best sushi place in each state. Writers compiled their list based on ratings, reviews, and input from a variety of food-based sources, including Eater, The Daily Meal, Travel & Leisure, Time Out, Spoon University, and Thrillist, as well as several city and regional sites.

According to the roundup, Washington State's top sushi restaurant is Sushi Kashiba! Here's why this historic spot landed on the list:

"Three-time James Beard Award nominee Shiro Kashibi, who trained under renowned sushi master Jiro Ono in Tokyo, opened this place in 1970 as Seattle’s first sushi bar, and it remains the city’s gold standard for sushi. At his upscale Pike Place Market establishment, Kashiba offers two multi-course dinners, 'Peak' and 'Omakase' at market price, as well as a menu of hot dishes like sautéed geoduck with asparagus and shiitakes and chawanmushi with crab and whitefish."

Sushi Kashiba is located at 86 Pine St. Suite #1 in Seattle.

Check out the continued list of every state's best sushi bar on 24/7 Tempo's website.

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