The 10 Most Annoying Things People Do in Grocery Stores

Mother and daughter in grocery store

Photo: Hybrid Images / Cultura / Getty Images

“What are the most annoying or rude things you see people do at the grocery store?”

The question was posted on the “Living Well” Facebook page — and may have struck a nerve since responses immediately began to flood in.

  1. “Block the aisle by standing in the middle of it talking.“
  2. “People who let their children run wild.“
  3. “Those loudly talking on their phone.“
  4. “People wandering — like they are the only one in the store. Pick a lane, keep moving forward. If you’re gonna visit, find an empty aisle, and one side or the other.“
  5. “People walking in front of cars without even acknowledging there are cars passing through.
  6. “Running their cart into the back of other people’s feet.“
  7. “Cutting ahead of elderly people or not helping them/handicapped reach something.“
  8. “Those who scream at their kids while they are shopping.“
  9. “Standing in the middle of the aisle looking for things while they can clearly see others trying to get through!“
  10. “Taking their baby shopping when it’s clearly nap time.“

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