The Seattle Men’s And Women's Choruses Are Set For Big Shows In February

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The Seattle Women’s Chorus has a wonderful concert coming up February 3rd that takes on the issue of banning books. Five female-identified composers have been commissioned to write about five banned books – and the rest of the song list is from books, films, pop culture – all of which have also been blocked.

The Seattle Men’s Chorus was a few weeks away from performing Love Beyond Borders when COVID shut the world down. "We’re delighted to bring back this powerful original oratorio that shows the power of love in bringing LTGBTQ+ refugees to safety. For many they were on the brink of dying from an “honor killing.” We are weaving video storytelling throughout the concert, allowing the words and experiences of the individuals to tell their story through words and music."
The concert is on February 18th.

Tickets to both shows are here.

Artistic Director Paul Caldwell is a great interview - listen here:

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