Award-Winning Eatery Named Washington's 'Most Romantic' Restaurant

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When someone wants to spend time with their significant other, it could be as simple as relaxing at home together or taking them out on the town. There's nothing like fostering a connection over a delicious meal at a restaurant. Sometimes these eateries may have stunning views, immaculate decor, or unique menu items to help enhance the romance.

LoveFood recently released a list of the "most romantic" restaurants in each state based on reviews, accolades, and first-hand experiences from writers. The stellar list ranges from "places where you'll dine al fresco under the stars, to those where you can feast on some of the country's best food."

According to the roundup, Washington State's most romantic restaurant is Canlis! Here's why this Italian restaurant is perfect for a date:

"Not only does this family-run restaurant have a reputation for serving beautiful and decadent dishes, but it has also been nominated for the James Beard Outstanding Service award four times. Stop in for delicate, prettily presented plates, such as halibut with sweet peas and mussels and duck with summer squash, all served in an eye-catchling glass building."

You can find this restaurant at 2576 Aurora Ave. N in Seattle.

If you're looking for more date ideas, visit for the continued list of every state's most romantic restaurants.

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