This Is Washington's Best Winter Festival Event

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Photo: alvaro gonzalez / Moment / Getty Images

Winter is the prime season to stay inside and wrap yourself up with blankets. It's also the period to experience some exhilarating events you won't catch during any other time of the year. Even after the holidays are over, there's a full lineup of events and festivals to keep you busy through the rest of the season.

That's why Travel Pulse rounded up the best winter festival event in every state. The list includes state fairs, unique competitions, parades, sporting events, restaurant weeks, St. Patrick's Day festivities, and much more.

If you're heading to Washington State during the winter, writers recommend you check out the Winter Karneval! Here's why:

"If you thought Leavenworth was content with just filling your December with festive cheer, then think again, because Winter Karneval has arrived to keep your January nights light & full of fun. Inspired by the German pre-Lenten festival of Fasching, the festival will feature fire dancers, ice carvers and fireworks in addition to the fact that the town's holiday lights will stay on all month long."

The 2024 event will take place during the weekends in January.

For more winter events worth checking out, visit Travel Pulse's website for the full list.

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