Washington Ice Cream Shop Crowned The Best In The State

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Americans are spoiled for choice when it comes to desserts. A big slice of cake, a batch of cookies, or a chunky brownie can satisfy one's sweet tooth, but no treat does it like ice cream. Cold and creamy, this delight can be served in a waffle cone, churned into a milkshake, or stuffed into a massive tub to enjoy whenever you want.

The United States has no shortage of amazing ice cream shops ready to scoop classic and unique flavors. If you're on the hunt for the best of the best, LoveFood found the top ice cream parlor in every state.

According to the website, the best place to get ice cream in Washington is Frankie & Jo's! Here's why:

"Frankie & Jo’s, in Seattle's Capitol Hill district, has created a menu of vegan, plant-based options, all served in gluten free waffle cones or in tubs. Flavors include brown sugar vanilla, chocolate date, and salty caramel ash, and customers say they are just as creamy and delicious as dairy versions. There's a second store in Ballard."

Frankie Jo's website said they have a third store in Seattle's University Village area.

Check out the rest of the sweet list on lovefood.com.

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