The Last Meals of 10 Rock Stars [List]


Here's What 10 Rock Stars Ate as Their Last Meal

I know, pretty morbid, huh? Well put together a list of 10 rock stars and the last things they ate.

Here they are:


1.  Jim Morrison from The Doors: He ate at a Chinese restaurant in Paris. He had a sweet and sour dish and "plenty of beers".



2.  Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead: He ate at an Italian restaurant with his wife.



3.  Freddie Mercury: Spare ribs. But according to another report, his partner tried feeding him mango as he was lying down right before he passed.



4.  Karen Carpenter from The Carpenters: She got a shrimp salad from Bob's Big Boy with her parents. Then later she got tacos from a Mexican restaurant because she was still hungry.



5.  Kurt Cobain: Cigarettes and Barq's root beer.



6.  Jimi Hendrix: A tuna fish sandwich made by his girlfriend.



7.  Elvis Presley: Four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies.



8.  Michael Hutchence from INXS: He went to an Indian restaurant in Sydney and got chicken tikka fillets, chicken butter masala, and mushroom saag aloo.



9. Drummer Keith Moon from The Who: His girlfriend made him lamb cutlets, but other reports say it was steak and eggs.



10.  Sid Vicious from The Sex Pistols: Spaghetti Bolognese made by his mom and Jerry Only from The Misfits.



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