Top 10 Baby Names In Washington Are Oh So Boring [List]

Baby boy sad ready to cry

Photo: Getty Images

How do Washington State’s top 10 baby names of 2022 differ from the national list? Not much. The list of favored names is exactly the same, though arranged in a slightly different order from one to 10.

In Washington, the top boy’s name last year was Oliver, top girl Olivia. Across the country, Olivia grabbed the number one spot beside Liam on the boys’ list. FULL WASHINGTON LIST HERE

Popularity for top 100 names in Washington for births in 2022

1 Oliver and Olivia

2 Lia and Emma

3 Noah and Evelyn

4 Theodore and Amelia

5 Henry and Charlotte

6 Lucas and Sophia

7 Benjamin and Mia

8 William and Isabella

9 James and Luna

10 Elijah and Ava

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