The Best Summer Vacation Destination In Washington

Ferry Along Terminal in Friday Harbor

Photo: Getty Images

We're weeks away from the first month of summer, and it's not too late to plan a vacation. In fact, many Americans are sticking closer to home when traveling to amazing places. That's why Trips to Discover found the best summer vacation destination in every state.

"The top summer destinations were chosen based on their quality of weather at this time of year, the number of activities available for the whole family, and easy access to outdoor adventures where you can enjoy views of stunning natural beauty," the travel website said about the list.

According to writers, Washington state's top summer vacation destination is Friday Harbor! Here's why it was chosen:

"The San Juan Islands can easily be accessed by ferry from Anacortes or a short flight from Seattle. The charming town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island is one of the most enticing destinations, with a wide variety of accommodation options, activities, shops, and restaurants. There are kayaking tours and one of the world’s best opportunities to see whales in the wild, especially when it comes to orcas. Don’t miss The Whale Museum, where you can learn more about them."

Check out the full list on Trips to Discover's website.

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