If You Struggle with Road Rage . . . Peppermint Could Help

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If you get all worked up, and "you're not you," if you flip out in your car, maybe you should try a Peppermint Patty. Or anything peppermint.  

A new study found that the scent of peppermint can reduce aggressive driving behaviors. So, road rage may be relieved by breathing in the sensation of a peppermint little tree air freshener. 

This isn't a HUGE surprise. The compounds in peppermint oil have been known to have positive, calming effects on the brain - helping with depression, stress, and anxiety. The study used peppermint essential oil, so technically it isn't just the smell of peppermint - you might need to invest in a higher quality air freshener that was created from the actual oil.  

And they only tested peppermint versus no peppermint, so it's unclear if you could try other scents like pine, strawberry, cotton candy, or piña colada. 

(NY Post)

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