10 Harmless But Hilarious April Fools Pranks

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Below, you'll find some of the best April Fools’ jokes you can pull on your friends. They aren't mean, they aren't too over the top, and they won't make anyone cry. Happy joking!

Tell Them You Signed Them Up For A Big Marathon

If your friend hates running, surprise them by telling them that you signed them up for a marathon with you that's happening in a few weeks. When they say "no thanks," act like they can't back out of it — because you have the receipt and you spent a hefty amount of money on it. Silly, but it will work!

Text "I Need To Tell You Something," Then Never Respond

OK, here's a joke that's a little mean but also pretty amazing. Text your friend a message that says something like, "I need to talk to you about something." They'll get worried and respond, and that's when you choose to never answer. Just ignore their texts and calls... but not for too long since you don’t want to actually make them think something terrible is up!

Ask Them To Crack Your Back

This viral TikTok prank trend blew up in 2020, and it’s so good it’s definitely worth pulling out on April Fools’ Day. Grab a piece of raw pasta and hold it between your back teeth. Then ask your friend to crack your back, and when they do, bite down on the pasta to release a super loud cracking noise. If you play it up and collapse to the floor, your friend will immediately panic! All in good fun, of course.

Convince Them Their Favorite Celeb Was Just Cancelled

Did you see the headlines? Harry Styles is being canceled because he got into a quarrel with Lizzo and she started crying — or something like that. If your friend has a favorite celebrity, try to convince them that they did something unexpected or problematic. Maybe even photoshop a tweet or fake story while you’re at it. The more absurd, the better!

Make Up That A Snowstorm Is Headed Their Way (It's going to rain hard around Seattle this weekend... it could work!)

If it's plausible, convince your friend that a major snowstorm is headed their way in the next few days. Honestly, they'll probably figure out you're lying pretty quickly, but it will be funny while it lasts. Nothing screams April Fools’ Day more than a little bit of harmless confusion

Convince Them Their Mouse Is Broken

Play a little prank on your roommate by installing a discreet Bluetooth mouse on their laptop. Then, when they login to work for the day, slightly move their cursor movements as they try to use theirs. It will make them think there is something wrong with their computer. The more minute the movements, the better.

Tell Them To Expect A Prank, Then Don't Do Anything

Right before April 1, drop some hints to make your friend think you're going to play a big joke on them. As it gets closer, amp it up to make them expect something huge. The trick? Don't do anything at all. Your friend will spend the day wondering when they're going to get pranked when really, nothing is going to happen.

Text An Awkward Question, Then Pretend It Never Happened

Text message April Fools' jokes can be the best April Fools' jokes. On the morning of April Fools' Day, text your friend with a weird question. Say something like, "Hey, random question, but if I needed help getting out of trouble, would you lie to the authorities for me?" Then do one of two things: Either act like you never said anything and ask them what they're talking about when they respond, or just never answer them. Either way, they'll be spooked.

Hide Nine Items In Their Room, But Tell Them You Hid 10

If you live with a roommate, play this little trick on them. Get some items — like, nine of them — and hide them throughout their room. Make it something like candy or food that they'll want to find quickly. When they find one, fess up, and admit that you hid 10 of them throughout the room for them to find. Really, though, you hid nine... so they'll spend a lot of time looking for one that doesn't exist.

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