Get Paid $1000 To Eat Cheese Every Night For 3 Months [Apply Here]

Woman in blue apron holding soft french camembert cheese on dark background

Photo: Getty Images

Eating Cheese Every Day. How does that sound? is looking for people to help them with a study to see if eating cheese before bed gives you nightmares. (And if some cheeses have more of an effect than others.)

They're hiring 5 "dairy dreamers" who will eat various cheeses before bed every night for 3 months. You'll be told which cheeses to eat when. They will pay for the cheese and give you $1,000 when you're done. Of course, you'll track your dreams and cheese intake.

You can apply through their website. The biggest qualifications: Being at least 21 - owning a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep - and being able to sleep alone for three months, starting in March.

The deadline to apply is February 10th. 

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