A Christmas Story House Is For Sale In Cleveland

A Christmas Story House, landmark film set and museum

Cleveland, Ohio USA - September 8: Exterior view of the house used in the filming of the 1983 "A Christmas Story" movie. Now a museum and tourist landmark honoring the popular film. The house was built in 1895 and is a Victorian styled homePhoto: Getty Images

The house from the epic movie, "A Christmas Story," has officially been put up for sale in Cleveland, Ohio.

The sale in its entirety makes up 1.3 acres of property, according to a listing posted on achristmasstoryhouse.com.

Chad Whitmer, the listing agent from the commercial real estate company Hoff and Leigh, said the listing includes the house, the Bumpus house, the gift shop, museum and a number of vacant lots that have been acquired by the home's current owner over the years. You could live in the Parker's house! And own a giftshop! Fun. How does Cleveland sound to you?

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