Seattle's Woman-Owned Sustainable Business Makes Amaro Liqueur

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Meet Jamie Hunt, the CEO and founder of Fast Penny Spirits, a woman-owned and operated amaro distillery based in Seattle. After a successful career launching innovative digital products and experiences for global companies, Jamie left the tech world with the goal of having a positive impact in the world.

Jamie is firmly committed to being a sustainable business and recently became B Corp certified. From an exquisite neutral base made from reutilized West Coast wine grapes to sustainably sourced botanicals to recycled bottles and reclaimed corks, the company makes daily decisions with a constant filter on impact. 

With Italian family roots and a love of delicious food, she set out to make an exquisite and sustainable amaro as her opportunity to show up, support, and empower others. The distillery gives 3% of bottle revenue to organizations that support women in business. Jamie has utilized her astute business acumen to successfully launch during a pandemic and drive consistent growth for the award-winning amaro distillery. 

The amaro is luxurious and indulgently refined and has received much fanfare from some of the world’s most prestigious spirit competitions!

Amaro is an herbal liqueur that can be sipped on its own or swirled into a cocktail. It is made from infusing a neutral base spirit, such as a grape or grain, with a blend of spices, herbs, roots, and flowers. With the help of popular cocktails, such as the Aperol Spritz or Negroni, a variety of different types of amaro have been quickly popping up on restaurant menus and in personal liquor cabinets across the country. While amaro translates to “bitter” in Italian, its flavor can vary widely from sweet to umami. Fast Penny Spirits, Amaricano and Amaricano Bianca, offers a balance of bitter and herbaceous.

Hear Lee Callahan's interview with Jamie Hunt:

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