Washington State Sits High On The List Of Most Confrontational Drivers

Angry man behind the wheel demonstrating road rage

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Forbes recently conducted a survey on road rage, and they included 5,000 drivers -100 from every state. They scored each state across 10 factors: everything from honking, yelling, and offensive hand gestures to forcing another driver's car off the side of the road and shooting at them.

The state with the most confrontational drivers is Utah!  27% of drivers in Utah said they know of someone in their state who was injured in a road rage incident.

The state with the second-most confrontational drivers is Missouri, followed by Colorado . . . Oklahoma . . . New Mexico . . . Nevada . . . Maryland . . . Indiana . . . Washington . . . and Delaware.  That's not good, fellow Washingtonians.

 The state with the least confrontational drivers is: North Dakota. Not a lot of stress up there on the North Dakota roads. Pennsylvania is second, followed by Michigan . . . Florida . . . New York . . . Texas . . . Virginia . . . and Georgia.

Full story here.

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