Bus Driver Screams She'll Shoot Them When Kids Yell 'Where Are We Going?'

Group of young students hanging out bus windows

Photo: Getty Images

Driving kids around can be fraught with strife, especially when they do the "are we there yet" or "where are we going" routine. But if you're a bus driver, you have to keep your cool.

A parent of an elementary school kid in Utah has shared a recording on their kid's phone of a driver threatening some kids.

You can hear the driver say, "If one more person says 'Where are we going,' I'm going to shoot them . . . okay, now listen . . . I missed the stop . . . I'm trying to turn around. Do you understand? Okay. Sit down and be quiet."

Just two days before, a similar thing happened in another Utah school district, less than an hour away. In that incident, it was a substitute bus driver, and she started going the wrong way. The students started yelling at her, and she lost it.

She said, "I know! Okay? Shut up! I'm gonna turn around, okay? Shut up!"

Both bus drivers have been placed on administrative leave. It's worth pointing out that there's been a shortage of bus drivers since the pandemic started. It's unclear if that contributed to the situation with these two drivers.

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