Mount Rainier Is Not Venting Despite What A Seattle Meteorologist Said

Hazy Air Remains Over West From Wildfires

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday morning, KOMO's meteorologist Kristin Clark tweeted a video of Mount Rainier with a slim cloud wafting over it. And she added this comment, Mt. Rainier appears to be venting. 🗻

That scared the bejeezus out of us! I mean it's a volcano, right? The geologist up at Mount Rainier said the mountain is not venting or showing any signs of abnormal behavior.

“It’s just a cloud,” said Mount Rainier National Park Service geologist Scott Beason, “Completely normal.”

At this writing, Kristin Clark has yet to respond to her scary and kind of irresponsible tweet.

Best story about this is at The Seattle Times.

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