Top 10 Things Cashiers Judge You For Buying

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Here are a few highlights from a hysterical Reddit Thread:



1. Parents who will buy booze and cigarettes, but scream at their kids to put bottles of juice or candy back.


One cashier said a young male customer was once buying various junk food and children's flu medicine . . . and when the total came up, he was short . . . so he put the MEDICINE back.



2. Lottery tickets. Especially when people blow through the money the cashier makes on their entire shift in just a couple minutes at the counter.



3. Expensive, "premium" bottled water. Not just because it's (arguably) a waste of money, but because there's also a lot of plastic waste.



4. Anything in a large amount. One cashier once had a person buy 15 cases of Red Bull . . . and they also "looked like they were 12."



5. A cashier at a pet store said they've judged people who buy a pet, and the "cheapest, trashiest" food there is.



6. A worker at a movie theater said they judge people who bring their kids to Rated R movies . . . like bringing a seven-year-old to "Deadpool".



7. A McDonald's cashier wonders about people who order a coffee, with 10 or more sugars."



8. A Starbucks cashier admits to judging people who buy their kids double chocolate chip frappuccinos at 8:00 A.M.



9. Anyone buying Circus Peanuts.  (???)



10. And a smart aleck joked, "Someone buying donuts, donuts holes, and glue."



(You can browse the entire thread, here.)

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