Gas Station Glitch Charges Customers Under 50 Cents Per Gallon

Midsection of man refueling car at gas station

Photo: Getty Images

Washington drivers were flocking to a gas station over the weekend after a glitch made gas prices super cheap.

KIMA-TV says this happened at the AMPM on North 1st Street in Yakima, where they were only charging 46 cents per gallon. Word spread quickly online, and droves of people head over to fill up their tanks.

No word on how long the glitch lasted, but the owner says the incident has since been resolved as of Sunday (August 14).

The news station's Facebook post on the issue was full of jokes and discussions over this accidental discount.

"If I saw that I would have immediately told the people working there. After I filled my tank of course," one user wrote.

"Lucky if I'd have noticed I would have came back in all my cars trucks & Harley," another says.

"I'm sure the glitch was fired," a commentator wrote.

Some lamented missing out on the rush, while several social media users said it was chilling how quickly people "came together to rip off of a business." Others took the chance to dunk on the gas station.

"That gas is horrible anyways. 30% water and check engine light on right after," one person wrote with a laugh.

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