Prince Harry's Underwear Being Auctioned By Las Vegas Stripper

Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry's underwear from 10 years ago is being auctioned off and the bids are expected to reach $1 million. According to TMZ, a former stripper named Carrie Royale is celebrating the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Harry's infamous Las Vegas night. She claims that she was in the hotel room with Harry the night he stripped down to his birthday suit while playing pool and kept the underwear for a decade. She's also auctioning off the dress and swimsuit she wore that same night.

Royale believes the winning bid could go as high as $1 million. According to TMZ, back in August 2012, a photo of Harry covering his genitals next to a "seemingly topless" woman and hugging another woman who also appeared to be naked was released.

The auction will be hosted by Larry Flynt's Hustler Club since Royale says Prince Harry reportedly dropped by the club during his trip to Vegas. Royale is calling the underwear auction a full circle moment for Prince Harry. According to TMZ, she said, "I am holding the auction to help remind him of his fun side, the side that his marriage to his wife Meghan [Markle] has tried to control."

The live and online bidding will begin Thursday, August 11th, at 10:30 P.M. PT with a starting bid of $10,000. If the bidding reaches $800,0000 the winner will get a vintage 3-liter bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rose wrapped in 24 karat gold, which is valued at over $200,000. TMZ also reports that part of the auction proceeds will go to Harry and Meghan's charity, Archewell.

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