You Might Find Your Money At Washington State's ClaimYourCash.Org

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Washington State Department of Revenue/Unclaimed Property Division returns forgotten money to Washingtonians and Washington businesses. One in seven people have unclaimed cash—it’s easy to search to see if you’re one of them.

Easily find and claim yours at The Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property division has returned $1.2 billion to Washingtonians and Washington businesses. Businesses are required by law to report nay unclaimed money, and The Department of Revenue holds unclaimed cash until it’s claimed by Washingtonians and Washington businesses.

Some interesting stats:

· Average $ value of unclaimed property: $131

· Largest amount claimed (recently/last year): $3,756,179.53

· Largest amount unclaimed (recently/last year): $2,455,413.59

· Amount returned last fiscal year (July 2020-June 2021) $58.6 million

· Amount returned thus far during this fiscal year July 2021-March 2022 - $60.9 million

Listen to Lee's interview with Patti Wilson on how to claim your cash.

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