'Tarzan and Jane' Married Couple Rake in $12.5K a Month on OnlyFans

A married couple are making £10,000 a month on OnlyFans - with Yorkshire swingers as their "most popular" customers.

Terri Martin, 29, quit her job as a shop assistant during lockdown and decided she wanted to "make more money" and signed up to the popular adult content subscription service. Her husband Michael, 32, admitted his wife joining the site initially made him "jealous" before he realized the pair could make more money as a duo.

Husband Michael, 32, admitted he was "jealous" when his wife first joined OnlyFans, but after learning more about the site he realised they could make more money as a duo. To begin with, the couple posed for risqué pictures together - something they had not explored before during their 12-year relationship.

The pair, who have a son together, "love" catering to their fans' preferences - with one subscriber purchasing 30 pictures a week. Michael says they are popular among couples, especially "Yorkshire swingers", reports Yorkshire Live.

Terri started out posing on the subscription site solo and it left Michael "annoyed".

"I was always the one who was jealous initially but then she started showing me what it was all about and it made sense. We really aren't jealous at all now as we are doing it together."

Michael, who is a former courier driver, said the pair, who used to live in West Yorkshire but now live in Bristol, began making a lot more money showcasing pictures of them together.

Michael said the pair get predominantly couples interested in their content, as well as some single people too. "We get a lot of people who love our content from Yorkshire. A lot of Yorkshire swingers have got in touch with us.

"But we are not interested in meeting up with people - we only post content online for people to enjoy. We are very active on Admire Me and Only Fans.

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