Let Your Farts Rip: Woman Hospitalized For Holding Them In

A 19-year-old Irish barista had to be hospitalized after her refusal to pass gas around her boyfriend. For TWO years. This allegedly caused her appendix to burst. A video detailing the gal’s gaseous fiasco currently boasts over two million views on TikTok.

“I do hold in my farts but I didn’t think I would be in hospital over it,” Cara Clarke told Kennedy News of her dangerous gas buildup.

The Louth native said she first realized everything wasn’t copasetic after experiencing “extreme pain” in her stomach while working at her coffee shop last Tuesday.

Alarmed, the teen reported to the doctor, who subsequently referred the distraught gal to the hospital. It was there she confessed how long she'd been holding them in. Is it really physically possible to hold them in forever?

Blood tests revealed that her appendix had burst and she would need to undergo surgery to have it removed.

It’s yet unclear what causes this affliction but it can be caused “when the tube that joins your large intestine and appendix is blocked or trapped by stool,” according to Johns Hopkins.

The appendectomy was successful.

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