Indian Boy Survives After He Gets Sickle Lodged In His Head [Photos]

 An Indian teen is lucky to be alive after tumbling out of bed and falling headfirst onto a sickle — which became lodged gruesomely in his noggin.

The freak accident occurred Wednesday after Bhuppu Sen, 16, left the agricultural implement used for harvesting crops on the floor, Jam Press reported. The Deori resident subsequently forgot it was there as his bedroom light wasn’t working.

Disaster struck that night after the sleeping youngster rolled out of bed and onto the reaping tool’s curved blade, which embedded itself one and a half inches into his skull.

Despite the graphic nature of the wound, Bhuppu reportedly didn’t experience any bleeding.

Nonetheless, the imperiled boy was rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed a CT scan and then transferred him to the surgery ward. Accompanying photos show the instrument protruding from the youngster’s dome, like an oversize surgical scalpel.

Doctors managed to remove Bhuppu’s accidental piercing after a three-hour operation, and when last reported, the boy was resting after the traumatic ordeal. He claims he’s not in any pain.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Kuldeep Singh, who helmed the procedure, was stunned that the boy did not either perish or become paralyzed from the accident.

Many more photos here at NYPost.

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