Which Seattle T-Shirt Designer Is Meghan Markle In Love With?


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When Meghan Markle, who may or may not be a Royal anymore, saw the clothes that Lindsey Ferris designs, it was love. And once a Royal (or not) puts on Lindsey's duds, this Seattle apparel company went viral.

At this moment in time, The IG account for FerrisBuilt may have crashed due to so much activity... However, you can find her very cool clothes at her Etsy page.

From Lindsey:

I've been a creator/maker since I was young and it has been a wonderful creative outlet for me as a form of self-care.
During Covid I lost my event business of 12 years and decided to focus full time on FerrisBuilt and see if I could make a go of my art and merchandise designs.
I feature wall art prints from my original art designs, digital art prints and merchandise that addresses topics I am passionate about - (largely mental health advocacy).
25% of net proceeds from my shop (after costs are covered) are donated to mental health advocacy on a quarterly basis.
Thank you for stopping by!
Lindsey @ FerrisBuilt

Full story, along with that IG Photo, at KING5.

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