Russian Speed Skater Gives The Double Bird After Beating Americans [Video]


Russia's Daniil Aldoshkin reacts after competing in the men's speed skating team pursuit semifinal during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games February 15, 2022. (Photo by Sébastien Bozon/AFP) Photo: AFP

What ever happened to the Olympics' message of sportsmanship and goodwill? It got flipped off.

In yesterday’s speed skating semi-finals, Russian Daniil Aldoshkin and his team defeated the US skaters and while still circling the track, flipped the double-bird. Both hands. What an ass.

How did he defend himself when was asked about the gestures?

“I threw up my hands. I didn’t mean anything like that. I’m sorry if this offended anyone.”

Russia then moved onto the finals and lost to Norway. Karma is a bitch.

The above tweet translated:

“When it comes to sportsmanship, ROC skater Daniil Aldoshkin takes the crown. All this after a team pursuit semi-final won against the Americans… In the current political context, I wonder how to qualify the gesture…”

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