Meat Cleaver Man Attacks A Bellevue Applebee's Employee Over Vaccine Proof

Some people are just the lowest.

King County Prosecutors say a man tried to attack a Bellevue restaurant worker with a meat cleaver after being asked to show proof of a Covid-19 vaccine.

These restaurant employees are just doing their job. Please, reader, tell your more stupid friends who have tendencies like this awful man with the meat cleaver, to knock it off and go get their drink-on AT HOME.

After he was asked to leave a Bellevue Applebee's when he couldn’t provide proof of vaccination, 58 year old Michael Dousa began yelling and waving around a meat cleaver outside of the restaurant.

When the bartender asked him to leave, police say Dousa went after him with the raised cleaver over his head. Luckily the worker shut the door before he got hit.

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Photo: Getty Images

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