10 Sayings That Are Going Extinct Like "Pardon My French"

Photo: (Getty Images)

If you say "pardon my French" to a young person, they might ACTUALLY think you speak French. A new poll done in England looked at old sayings that are going extinct. And that's one of them.

 48% of people under 50 said they'd say "pardon my French." And 49% would never say "selling like hot cakes" either. Here are a few more old sayings that are going extinct. Over half of people under 50 said they never use any of these . . .


1. A flash in the pan


2. Dead as a doornail


3. Beating a dead horse


4. Toe the line


5. Drop someone a line


6. Steal my thunder


7. Be there, or be square


8. Put a sock in it


9. Cool as a cucumber


10. Raining cats and dogs. 

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