Drink Beer From Miller Lite's New Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Decorations

Photo: Getty Images

Miller Lite presents "Beernaments" — ornaments you can drink beer out of.

This is the first time Miller has created festive packaging for their light beer that's intended to be hung on a Christmas tree. Six-packs of these balls that are designed to "fit snugly" around 8-ounce cans of Miller Lite go on sale today at noon Pacific. $19.75 at https://www.millerlite.com/beernament

"Once enjoyed, Beernaments can be hung on Christmas trees for all to behold by simply using the tab and a hook," the brand explains. The stark white balls appear to also fit snuggly in a beer drinker's hand and feature the classic Miller Lite logo — albeit with the phrase "a fine pilsner ornament" instead of "a fine pilsner beer" surrounded by green holly instead of the usual golden barley.

These Beernaments are missing one thing, however: beer!

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