BMW, Electric Car, & Vanity Plate Drivers: More Likely to Be Psychopaths

If you're driving around in a gold BMW with vanity plates, and your car runs on sunlight, give us a call and plead your case. Someone out there is trying to sully your good name.

A used car website in the U.K. commissioned a study that looked into which types of drivers are more likely to be PSYCHOPATHS.

They asked people about their car, and had them take a 12-question test to gauge how many psychopathic tendencies they have. Here's what they found . . .

1. BMW drivers are more likely to be psychos than anyone else. Audi owners were a close second, followed by Fiat, Mazda, and Honda drivers. People with Kias, Toyotas, and Nissans ranked much lower.

2. Gold is the #1 car color for people with psychopathic tendencies. Followed by brown, green, and black. People with red, silver, or white cars are less likely to be psychos.

3. People with fully electric cars showed the most signs of psychopathic behavior. Hybrid drivers also ranked high. Then diesel engines. People with regular gas-powered cars are least likely to be psychos.

4. Having a vanity plate could also be a sign. People with personalized plates scored more than twice as high on the test as people with normal plates. 

(Scrap Car Comparison)

Angry driver shouting at pedestrian blocking road

Photo: Getty Images

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